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War Corrupts Water

By Natalia Ruvalcaba Water scarcity is a global phenomenon that has left entire countries in dire need of international assistance, and South Sudan is no different.  Located in the northeast region of Africa, South Sudan is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Central African Republic. These countries…

Insights into Activism: Acclimating to Climate Change

Water insecurity is an issue plaguing much of the globe, and with climate change leading to more intense drought conditions, no place is safe from the scarcity it causes. In the fourth edition of Insights into Activism, we aim to educate readers on the consequences that climate change poses on water availability for both potable…

Two Leaders One Goal

Alison Wedgwood’s goal toward clean water accessibility started with an epiphany as she realized that “far more people in the developing world had mobile phones than plumbing.” This is the idea to apply cellphone technology to help developing countries access clean water. Wedgwood worked with engineer-turned-entrepreneur Rob Hygate and together, they came up with EWater…

Insights into Activism: Meeting at the Mekong

The Mekong is a massive collective action problem where individual countries are vying to take the fullest advantage of the river’s resources with little regard to its literal downstream effects on other countries.

A Mini-Series: Insights into Activism

Through this mini-series, we hope to bring your attention to just a few of the thousands of activists, scholars, and researchers who are paving the way to a clean future as they address environmental issues through clean water accessibility. 

A Pandemic With Lasting Impressions

Nearly two years have passed since the initial outbreak, and yet countries around the world are only just beginning to recover.  While most schools have reconvened and we have all witnessed a decline in COVID-19 related deaths, the impact of this mutating virus is without end. 

Brown is the New Green

It’s out with the green, and in with the brown; it’s time to let golf course lawns die and reallocate water where it is most needed.  

California’s AB 685: A Lighthouse for the Road Ahead

Since the state passed the Human Right to Water Law, California has been looked upon as an example of how the human right to water can be integrated into policy and made into a reality. Nine years later, has the Bill lived up to the hype?

In Our Backyard

Often when we think about water crises in the United States, Flint Michigan or the Gulf Spill come to mind, but what about our hometowns?  We often fail to reflect on the issues happening in plain sight, when the news focuses on major events that seem so distant and make us feel disconnected.


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