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About Us

Did you know? In California alone, around 1 million people do not have access to clean water.

Access to clean and safe water should be a right, and yet for many people, it is a privilege they cannot afford. The impacts of consuming unsafe water are extremely far-reaching, from the direct impacts on your health and wellbeing to deepening existing chasms of inequality and social injustice. The fight for clean water is more than just the fight to secure the right to a basic necessity of life, it is a fight for social and environmental justice.

ACWA at UCLA stands for Access Clean Water Anywhere, we are a club formed in 2021 that brings together students passionate about environmental justice through clean water accessibility. The purpose of our club is to raise awareness about issues of unequal clean water access and advocate for it to the wider UCLA community.

How do we do that? Our club’s work is split into two sections: advocacy and research. On the advocacy front, we hope to organize interesting and thought-provoking events for the UCLA community on issues related to clean water and environmental injustice. Our advocacy team will also be in charge of our online advocacy through graphic making for our various communication channels. Those on our research team will be helping build our collective knowledge on issues on water (both in the US and beyond) through writing thoughtful articles for our blog every quarter.

If you are passionate about environmental justice, clean water, or simply want to learn more about these issues please consider joining our movement and getting connected.

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